Mission and Goals

European platform for patients’ organisations, science and Industry (Epposi) is an independent, not-for-profit, partnership-based and multi-stakeholder organisations.


Epposi’s membership is equally weighted among patients’ organisations, science and industry to ensure the multi-stakeholder balance and perspectives.


European platform for patients’ organisations, science and industry (Epposi) also informs through interviews. On our video page you can find a some interesting videos.


European platform for patients’ organisations, science and industry (Epposi) is based in Brussels, Belgium. For membership and any other questions, contact us at 

Epposi Projects


Digital Triage within Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Health and Care: EPPOSI value chain provides chronic disease prevention and care solutions through data governance, while creating access to the digital citizen-patients throughout the EU. Read more

Rapid HTA

EPPOSI provides Rapid Health Technology Assessments for new health and care products and services, using its expert stakeholders representing patients, industry, healthcare, and academia.
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Self Care Barometer

24/7 Monitoring Vital Life Signs: EPPOSI provides governance needed to validate, coordinate, and guarantee value based solutions for all involved, while using Rapid HTA (among other assessments) for better health outcomes.
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Clinical Trials

Neonatal Screening

Rare Disease Support and Management


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Standardisation of Interoperability 

EPPOSI supports decision-making by using real time/real world data, collected 24/7. The validated data is made available for all stakeholders within the value chain. Read more

Patient Data IP

EPPOSI supports European Health Cloud initiative, guaranteeing data availability for all stakeholders, using governance copies of European Digital Peer Patient/citizen Alliance, where the Patient remains the owner of their data. Read more

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