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Making sense of big data in health research: towards an EU action plan (vol 8, pg 71, 2016)

i-BECOME European Training Network.


As the Secretary General of EPPOSI, I would like to express our strong interest in the proposed i-BECOME European Training Network. Indeed, as part of our activities, we are routinely faced with the lack of expertise in several of the emerging healthcare challenges faced by the European citizens and systems. One of these challenges is comorbidity, which is increasingly affecting an ever-aging population in Europe and beyond. There are currently gaps in the training programmes, in the technological market and in the general literacy in the society. i-BECOME will constitute a leap forward in the EU by training a completely new generation of researchers and entrepreneurs that will lead the upcoming research, innovation, transfer and education activities in this field.


EPPOSI is naturally very interested to participate in such initiatives to provide support on the communication and dissemination activities, which are particularly important in i-BECOME given the lack of knowledge on comorbidity not only in the population but even in the professional sectors. Furthermore, we will participate to the training activities on multi-stakeholder communication, dissemination and collaboration. Our experts will also provide courses on the newest approaches in relation to patient/health information and data management, including the emerging blockchain technology and GDPR framework. With this training, we believe the trainees will acquire a unique set of skills to empower patients with trustful and actionable information, to facilitate market access for new solutions for comorbidity assessment, and to enable the much-needed multi-sectorial collaboration to address the comorbidity challenge in tomorrow’s European healthcare.


With our best regards,  John P M Wubbe

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