Founded in 1994, the European Platform for Patients’ Organisations, Science and Industry (Epposi) is an independent, not-for-profit, partnership-based multi-stakeholder organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. Epposi’s mission is to provide a consensus-driven multi-stakeholder perspective from European patient organizations, science and industry to improve European public health outcomes.

Through knowledge-exchange, dissemination of information and research, Epposi provides equally-weighted outcomes among all members. The outcomes are shared with a broader EU through events, meetings, and publications.

Epposi is open to members from EU umbrella patient organisations, commercial enterprises and their related trade bodies, including research institutes, professional and business federations. Associate membership is also open to NGOs, active in healthcare foundations and international organisations, which want to support and benefit from Epposi ethos, and are also interested in representing a broad range of civil society needs.

Download Epposi’s statutes in English and in French here.